Our Principal Builder, Chris Stevens, meets every prospective customer and oversees each stage of the project, from appraisal through to final construction. You will always deal directly with Chris.

We work closely with 2 preferred building designers and an architect who will prepare your working drawings for ready for approval.

Yes you can, or we can submit your plans for you and also organise to pay the relevant insurances, statutory body charges, Engineer Specifications, Certifier fees and Council fees which is all outlined in our preliminary agreement

This depends on the plans submitted and the scale of the project, normally approvals are obtained within 4 – 8 weeks, pending Town planning. If a DA might be triggered we will assess and engage our town planner to give us the required feed back during the design stage.

In most cases no, in fact 60% of our clients stay in the house throughout construction.

We endeavour to minimise the disruption to your family during the construction process and make every effort to keep the site clean daily. On some larger projects, it may be necessary to vacate for a limited period where services are temporarily disconnected, or hazardous materials or processes are being undertaken (asbestos removal and floor sanding).

Home Renovations vary in cost depending upon the size of the project, construction of the existing house and general scope of works. For more information on Renovations give Stevcon The Renovation Specialists a call on 0432 354233.

All residential building work over $3300 must be insured by the QBCC which is covered for a period of six years. Only licensed building contractors are able to have their work insured. We are proud members of Queensland Building and Construction Commission, the Association of Professional Builders and the Housing Industry Association. In addition we encourage you to check that your home is covered by your current insurance provider whilst undertaking any major construction on your property, we recommend you check your level of cover in case your situation has changed.

Here at Stevcon we have over 24 years combined experience in Home Renovations and Extensions in North Brisbane. Check out some of our projects and what our customers say. https://www.stevcon.com.au/testimonials/

During the planning and construction of a Renovation there will be many questions to be answered and decisions made. A regular steady flow of information between you and the builder will help ease the process. 

We will schedule regular onsite meetings, allowing you to view the work progress and to discuss any construction issues that may arise from time to time? 

We have a reporting systems in place to keep you informed, advise you of any issues as they arise or to seek your input on building decisions?

We have have a document process to ensure all correspondence is recorded and acknowledged to eliminate disputes over misunderstandings or incorrect instructions? 

A building contract must thoroughly specify the work to be completed, along with the following:

  • The commencement and completion date of the project should be clearly stated or easily able to be worked out
  • Your name as the home buyer and the contractor’s license number should be included
  • A description of all the work to be carried out during the building process, including plans, specifications, and any particular requirements that you may have
  • The necessary insurances
  • The contract price
  • A clearly stated cooling off period
  • The Consumer Building Guide which you must read and acknowledge
  • A checklist of items and a caution about signing the contract if you can’t tick yes to all items
  • A place for the buyer to acknowledge that they have read and understood everything in relation to the contract
  • Prime Cost or Provisional Sum items are clearly stated, along with the builder’s margin to be applied
  • Progress payments are outlined
  • A clause that states that all work will comply with the Building Code of Australia as well as the other standards required by law
  • That the contract begins on the day when the last party signs the contract and the other party is made aware of this signing – this is the contract date and should not be confused with the starting date for the project. 

Prime Cost items are for supply of materials only.

A Provisional Sum Item is for supply of materials and labour cost.

Do you know how the amounts that you will pay to your builder are calculated? If you are uncertain, ask your builder or an independent consultant to explain it to you. 

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