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Extensions offer an Alternative to Relocation

At some point in most homeowners lives, they realise that the home they thought was perfect many years ago is not serving their needs any longer. They then have two choices. Either put the home on the market and relocate to a bigger house, or add more space to their existing home.

Relocating can cause a lot of lingering disruptions in the lives of a family. If you’re unable to find a suitable home in your immediate area, you may be forced to uproot yourself and your family from friends, schools and increase your commute time to work.

Plus, the lack of space may be the only thing that needs improving in your current home. If this is the case, you’d be much better investing in an extension to add the space you need than uproot your family.

Extensions that Suit Your Lifestyle

We’re in the business of providing quality extensions to your home that satisfy your needs for space. We understand that a family is dynamic and constantly evolving. Your lifestyle may change as well through the years.

You may want to start working from home, which would necessitate the construction of an office. You may want to entertain more and expand the size of your living and entertainment areas.

Whatever, your reasons for needing an extension, the first step is always the design. We work with you to turn your vision of what your home could be into reality. We listen to your needs and suggest elegant solutions that will address those needs. We also help you to plan for the future by suggesting ways that you can add additional space if need be later on.

An Extension Can Add Value to Your Home

The other aspect to consider when adding an extension is the preserving the architectural theme and integrity of your home. This is how a well-designed and constructed extension can add an increased appraisal value when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Preserving the architectural theme and lines of a house is something we take very seriously. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a modern or traditional-style house. Preserving the curb appeal of a house is almost as important as increasing the usability of the home.

In the design phase of your project, we’ll take this preservation into account and come up with a way to make your exterior as beautiful as the interior is useful. We’ll use complimentary materials in the construction and preserve the style of windows and the lines of the roofing.

Quality Extensions Built to Last

In every project we begin, our focus is always on providing the highest quality design and construction we can. We are constantly researching new building materials and methods to improve the quality of our projects and lower the costs to our customers.

We need to complement and match the materials and construction methods of the existing homes of our customers on a regular basis.

For high-quality extensions you’ll be proud to own, contact Stevcon Projects today.

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